Functional- and Fourieranalysis (3985)

Contact Person :Prof. dr. Jochen SCHUETZ
Coordinating lecturer :Prof. dr. Jochen SCHUETZ 
Member of the teaching team :De heer Arjun THENERY MANIKANTAN 

Language of instruction : English

   No sequentiality

Degree programmeStudy hoursCreditsP2 SBUP2 SP2nd Chance Exam1Tolerance2Final grade3
2nd year Bachelor of MathematicsCompulsory1355,01355,0YesYesNumerical

Exchange Programme PhysicsOptional1355,01355,0YesYesNumerical
Exchange Programme MathematicsOptional1355,01355,0YesYesNumerical

2nd year Bachelor of Physics option twinBroadening1355,01355,0YesYesNumerical

2nd year Bachelor of MathematicsTransitional curriculum1626,01626,0YesYesNumerical

1   examination regulations art.1.3, section 4.
2   examination regulations art.4.7, section 2.
3   examination regulations art.2.2, section 3.

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